Zirconium Tubes for Oxygen sensor
Zirconium Tubes for Oxygen sensor
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Detalji o proizvodu

1. Product name: Zirconium Tubes for Oxygen sensor

2. Brand name: R60702, Zr1

3. Surface: bright

4. Purity: ≥99.6%

5. Density: 6.51g /cm3

6. Melting point: 1852℃

7. specifications: according to customer requirements customized production.

8. Production process: forging, rolling.

9. Application: mainly used in atomic energy industry, high temperature and high pressure as corrosion resistant chemical materials.

10. Packing method: packed in wooden cases with plastic baffles, with attachments such as material certificate and packing list, the weight of each case shall not exceed 100kg.

11. Delivery method: express or logistics (negotiable)

12. Late service: in case of quality problems within the warranty period, the supplier shall assume all responsibilities (within the normal range of use).

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zirconium tube

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